"PAY YOUR DUES" by Daddy Rich at www.daddyrich.net

Daddy Rich, born in the heart of the Delta, Clarkdale, Mississippi, has just come down with a case of Blues.Come and see him live at Morgan Freeman's "Ground Zero Club" in the heart of Blues Land.For booking information booking@daddyrich.net Daddy Rich

The Re-release of the First 12 albums of original songs by "Stiletto" will be available soon on the Nate Jaeger master site!!!!

From 1953 to 2014 the world of Rock, Rock n' Roll, Pop, Country and Blues, just one guitarist and singer does it all...no one wants to take the stage before or after him...they tremble in his wake...L.A. Tribune

Sold Out We are trying to keep up with demand, so hold on folks!!!!!!!

All albums are now distributed through Amazon.com and CD Baby