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Just Hit 78 today, I will celebrate  tonight in Sug at my favorite haunt. It's a long way from Campbell High School DEC.17, 1958!






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My favorite video. NEW Album Song "Could I Fall In Love" Could I fall in love for the very first time That's what I ask myself when you're lips touch mine Could I fall in love on a night like tonight That's what I'd like to know when I hold you tight Now that we're alone (Now that we're alone) Just a kiss apart (Just a kiss apart) I have the answer from the feeling in my heart Could I fall in love and forever be true My heart tells me I could if I fell for you So simple and to the point in just a few words and it will be recorded and up on the site shortly.

January 3, 2015 and the 60th Anniversary of Nate Jaeger's start as an Entertainer ...and the rest was Rock n' Roll... The book is free to read by clicking the Autobiography tab, Enjoy!

Come To Sturgis 2017 and hear Nate Jaeger and The Sweet Little Rock & Rollers Rip the Town Down!!!

Hear the Golden Boy perform everything from John Lee Hooker to Led Zeppelin and every genre inbetween from 1955 to 2016. The Boy who never grew old with the guitar that never stopped screaming because of one girl. No one wants to go on stage before him or after him.

The New 10 CD boxed set is available at for $69.95 until August 4th 2016. Every Golden Hit since 1955

"...and the rest was Rock n' Roll..."

 UK (Nate Jaeger)

I present to you Gene Vincent the way I knew him, a real musician and singer. One of the greatest performers of all time and one of my  best friends. This is 1969 and I helped carry his coffin two years later.


 People ask if there are videos of me and the answer:


Yes! My Marine Corp. Viet Nam time, marriage, children, Law Enforcement period, live performances, my Rolls Royces and my Custom Homes. It's all there.

 So many people have asked, do you cut and paste your recordings? The answer is no! I will do 100-300 takes until I settle in with a near perfect take. That take is Mixed and Mastered and placed on my site. When you are on stage you can not STOP the show and ask for another chance to sing it right, so it's performance level straight through. If you can't record a song straight through, YOUR not a singer, your a Creation of an Engineer!!!

Fans tell me this site is overwhelming in content, well that's what 60 years of singing produces with 8567 personal appearances, 1909 songs recorded in your own studio and 12 songs a week to keep from getting rusty. At 75 I still do four major shows a year for six weeks. Enjoy, it's free. ...And the rest was Rock n' Roll...

Nate Jaeger

2016 "Spring Break", Sturgis Motorcycle Ralley, Tupelo "Elvis" Memorial Show and The Memphis Lieber & Stoller Show on sale now.

 Valentines Day Release

 “New Re-Releases”

Nate Jaeger: The Rockabilly Man ...Out of the South ...1956
Nate Jaeger: First Kiss (A Teenager


Nate Jaeger: Last Kiss


Nate Jaeger: That Tupelo Boy


Nate Jaeger: Revolution


Nate Jaeger: Grand Ole Opry  (Stage Door Classics)


Nate Jaeger: The Blues


Nate Jaeger: Hell On Wheels
Nate Jaeger: Country Tears


Nate Jaeger: Stiletto


Nate Jaeger: Time Machine (Rock n


Nate Jaeger: Blue Bayou


Nate Jaeger: After Midnight


Nate Jaeger: Amour (Country Classics)


Nate Jaeger [Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar , Rhythm Guitar]
Derrik Jaeger [Lead Vocals and Lead Guitar]
Dianna Shane (Opening Artist/Background Vocalist ]
Cory Ames [Guest Artist and Background Vocalist]
Monique [Guest Artist and Background Vocalist]
Rhett Rhetsloff [Harmonica, Sax, Trumpet]
Zane Harold and Sean Jaeger [Keyboards]
Angelina Holt [Drums]
Mart Mason and Damon Rye [Bass Guitar]
Dalton Fox and Eddy Dale [Rhythm Guitar]
Jimmy Payne [2nd Lead Guitarist, violin, harmonica, horns]
Eddie Kurtz [Production Manager] Ray Allen [Lights]Missy Jones [Wardrobe]Sally Wright [Hair and Makeup]Tim Watson [Sound]Janice Ralston [Instrument Technician]Robert Valdez [Smoke Machines and Pyrotechnics]Billy Mates [Craft Service and Chef] Sammy Nolstrom [Tour Bus Transportation] Tim Waylen [Show Bookings]

Nate Jaeger is a Member of The Screen Actor's Guild (SAG) since 1974, The American Federation of Television Actors (AFTRA), The Actor's Equity Association (AEA ) and The American Federation of Musicians