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Nate Jaeger: TOUR DATES

Jan 1, 2008 Capitol Cities of each Country Numerous Numerous

We will be doing a mixture of Rock,Rock n' Roll, Rockabilly,Country,Blues Rock,Cajun and Blues.Whatever they want we will do and of course "WE CAN DO IT ALL"
...and the rest is Rock n' Roll...Nate Jaeger

Aug 16, 2007 to be announced Memphis Tenn USA
Aug 15, 2007 Tribute short performance at the Elvis Presley Memorial House Tupelo, Miss. USA
Aug 6, 2007 To be announced Sturgis SD USA
Mar 15, 2007 Honolulu Honolulu Hawaai USA
Mar 10, 2007 Tasmania Glenorchy City Tasmania
Mar 6, 2007 Canberra Canberra Australia
Mar 1, 2007 Perth Perth Australia
Feb 25, 2007 Melbourne Melbourne Australia
Feb 20, 2007 Sydney, Australia Sydney Australia
Feb 16, 2007 Tokyo, Japan Tokyo Japan
Feb 7, 2007 MACAU CHINA
Feb 6, 2007 The Phantom Tour Hong Kong CHINA
Jan 28, 2007 Beijing, China Beijing CHINA

A Little Different Here!!!!!!

Aug 8, 2006 Beale Street Roadhouse USA

This will be a special show consisting of Love Songs written by Lieber and Stoller for Elvis as well as new material never before heard.It should be fun for everyone.

Aug 7, 2006 The Corn Field Concert Sturgis/ The Corn Field SD USA

Planning on doing a different genre of music for each show if the crowd goes along otherwise it wil be straight Rocker Music throughout!!!

Apr 1, 2006 "Black Rose" Canadian Tour 15 Cities All Canada

This will be the first Country Tour in three years.We know that it is confusing.Is he a:
A Pop Guy?
A Oldies Guy?
A Blues Man?
A Rock n' Roller?
A Country Man or what?
Answer: He's everything, a living song!

Jan 30, 2006 Tasmania Glenorchy City Tasmania
Jan 25, 2006 Melbourne Place Melbourne, Australia Au.
Jan 20, 2006 Sidney Coliseum Sidney, Australia Au.
Jan 16, 2006 Sapporo
Jan 10, 2006 Osaka Osaka Japan
Jan 2, 2006 Tokyo, Japan Tokyo Japan
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